The Nervous System and Fatigue

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The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) “runs” our bodies behind the scenes and is not under our conscious control. There are three parts to our ANS, however today I will focus on the two; the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) and the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS). 
SNS is responsible for our flight or fight response. PNS is our rest and digest response. I consider these two systems to be parallel systems rather than antagonists. Together PNS and SNS maintain our metabolic equilibrium.

I believe that one of the top health challenges of today is the human body is constantly on the receiving end of the fight or flight messages. In this day and age our body perceives we are under threat and it is often due to financial stress, relationship challenges, poor diet, poor sleep, caffeine consumption and/or our perception of pressure and urgency. Our SNS raises our heart rate, respiratory system and releases stress hormones (Adrenalin and cortisol). This moves blood away from our digestive tract and out to our limbs so that our body can prepare to flee or fight or the danger.

Reducing our sympathetic load is essential to feeling better and having more energy. PNS also has a critical role in controlling inflammation in our body.

Massage therapy is considered as a non-invasive treatment option to elicit its effects on the client’s stimulation of the PNS together with the suppression of the SNS. Many articles emphasis massage therapy that is applied by a qualified practitioner can influence the whole body by reducing stress, pain and inflammation as well as relaxing muscles, improving circulation and sleep.

Once your have had a massage treatment with me, you will find out how my approach to massage therapy is game changing to the way you approach your body and your health.

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