Hot Stone Massage


The floating feeling you get after a massage? You can thank serotonin and dopamine. 

Did you know, a hot stone massage heats the skin - meaning we are activating serotonin nuclei that produces the anti-depressant effect as well as causing an increased availability of extracellular dopamine helping our pain perception.

Massage therapy can help activate the parasympathetic state, thus reducing levels of adrenaline.  However, it make take a little time.  In the initial touch the clients Sympathetic Nervous System is activated – so a quick massage can help amp an athlete up before an event.  After about 15 minutes the parasympathetic response kicks in.  

I use hot stones in my remedial massage treatments as it can activate the parasympathetic response sooner, giving the client more time to experience this effect and get better results.   Using the hot stones allows me to create a relaxation response during treatment – an integrated hypothalamic response by which the client experiences a feeling of nurturing and safety.   

Book your massage appointment and experience hot stones as part of your massage treatment.