Frequently Asked Questions

The following offers more information about some of the Frequently Asked Questions I receive at Arrows. If the below doesn't answer your questions, please get in touch with me at



I respectfully ask that you provide us with a 24-hour notice of any schedule changes or cancellation requests.  Please understand that when you cancel or miss your appointment without providing 24-hour notice, I am often unable to fill that appointment time.  This is an inconvenience to me and also means my other clients miss the chance to receive any services that need.  For this reason, you will be charged 50% of the service fee for the first missed session and 100% for the services for each session after that. 


Arrows will send you an automatic sms reminder to your mobile the day prior as confirmation of your appointment. Please notify me of intent to cancel or reschedule the booking. It is important to note that the reminder text messages are provided as a courtesy. Not having received a reminder is not an accepted reason for missing an appointment.


Your session starts at the time it is booked.  If you have an appointment at 2:00 pm, then 2:00 pm is when your session begins. It begins when you first step foot in the treatment room.  Your session time includes your assessment, treatment, time to undress, dress and visit the bathroom if you must.  It does not begin when you are on the table ready to go. Massage therapy is just like any other appointment.  There is a process that is essential to maintain proper ethical and business practice that cannot be avoided. At Arrows I advise you to arrive a few minutes early to your appointment. This allows you to relax in our waiting room a few minutes before your appointment so you are not feeling rushed.  It’s also important so that you get the exact amount of time you booked, you get the most from your treatment and it allows everyone to stay on schedule.


I suggest that you arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your appointment time to fill out any required paperwork, as well as answer any questions I may have. Appointment times are reserved for each client, so I cannot exceed that reserved time without making the next client late.   For this reason, arriving after your appointment time will result in loss of time from your massage, so that your session ends at the scheduled time.   Full service fees will be charged even when the sessions are shortened due to late arrival.   In return I will do my best to be on time, and if I am unable to do so I will add time to your session to make up for our late start or adjust the service charge accordingly.  


At Arrows, I do not offer private health funds for my services. Since:

  • Only fifty per cent of Australians have private health cover which means fifty per cent of our clients cannot claim.

  • Not all of the fifty per cent of Australians with private healthcare can claim for massage treatments. Only some levels of cover offer rebates for massage.

  • The type of massage services provided such as relaxation, sports, cupping and some pregnancy massage may not involve rebates to begin as well as treatments for non Australian residents such as treatments for our lovely tourists.

  • There are around fifty health funds in Australia. Each carriers their own set of rules and criteria for therapists!

  • More recently, some private health funds have independently mandated learning requirements needed to gain access to their private provider scheme. In order to gain a provider status the student’s choice of qualification and study mode must fulfil these requirements. So getting all our health funds is now determined by how you studied for your qualification and not the qualification itself.

So rather than focusing on a small percentage of people I believe my pricing and services are set for an all over better level of service for providing massage to ALL clients. 


I have undertaken certificate training in pregnancy massage, so you can be at ease while having a massage knowing that I am trained to make your massage as comfortable as possible.

It is possible to receive a massage while you are in your first trimester provided that your pregnancy is considered "normal" and you do not have any known risk factors that you put you in a high risk category, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, severe morning sickness or previous history of miscarriage. If you suspect that you may have risk factors, it is recommended that you wait until after the first trimester for your first pregnancy massage, after you consult with you doctor. 

I provide comfortable supportive pregnancy contoured body cushions for the optimum in comfort. This innovative body support cushion system allows the pregnant client to lie on their tummy and enjoy a deeply soothing massage.


Arrows massage therapy is for remedial, relaxation and therapeutic purposes only. There is absolutely no sexual component to my massages.  Any insinuation, joke, gesture, conversation, or request otherwise will result in immediate termination of your session and a refusal of any or all services in the future. You will be charged the full service fee regardless of the length of your session. Treat me with respect and dignity and you will be treated the same in return. 


I have EFTPOS available and also except cash payment.  There is no cash is kept on the premises at the end of each day.


  • All of the benefits of our in-studio services, but in the comfort of your own home

  • No need for preparing yourself for an outing or travel

  • Don’t worry about battling traffic, let us do it for you

  • Convenience of being in your own home and either having a shower or going straight to bed after

  • Complete privacy while receiving your treatment

  • I bring everything, you just need to relax and enjoy the service


I spent months looking into alternative methods for the use of towels in the Studio. The environmental impact of using and laundering the cotton towels has been something I have been passionate about changing for a while now. I am so excited to say  found a product that we use in our massage studio. Arrows use 100% eco disposable towels in the studio.

By eliminating the need for laundry, the new Arrows eco towels ends the huge waste of water and energy needed to wash and dry hundreds of cotton towels week in, week out and stops vast quantities of detergents, bleaches and cleaning chemicals being washed down the drain and into the environment.

Cotton is also the most heavily polluting crop in the world, using tons of pesticides and chemical fertilisers, demanding constant artificial irrigation and stripping soils of nutrients. By using our new eco disposable towels, we will be helping prevent these eco-disastrous practices.

The Arrows eco towels are made from certified renewable sources of wood fibre – usually spruce or pine. The trees are grown in regenerated forests that are constantly renewed so forests continue to exist. The towels are decomposed by naturally occurring micro-organisms into CO2 and water. They break down completely in compost conditions within 12 weeks and are super soft to touch!

Production for the eco towel is developed in factories that meet world environment standards. The factory uses solar power and recycled water in all its production. We are proud they meet certification standards of both GMPC and ISO 14001 for manufacture in an eco-friendly way.

At Arrows I go one step further and after I have used the eco towel for clients treatment, I pass on our towels to other businesses in our community. I love to see them get as much use as possible before they break down completely and at Arrows I work to ensure my business can minimise my environmental footprint as much as possible. Some of the local businesses using the eco-towels include; florists, vets, animal shelters and cleaning businesses. If you are interested in the towels, I would be happy to chat with you.